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Brandon Bracamonte'

The Bracamonster

            Brandon Bracamonte' (The Bracamonster) is a born Artist. You literally can not tear the Pencil, Micron, Brush or Stylus from his iron grip when this man is inspired. Fortunately for those of you collecting his work (unfortunately for his ultra snuggle-loving, live in girl friend) his well of inspiration is as deep as the ocean and his ever growing portfolio is proof of Brandon's prolific nature. He has passed the 10,000 hour mark many times over, so his mastery of his mediums is well cemented. As for where his inspiration comes from, you may recognize many of the characters in Brandon's work as being drawn from movie, music, and assorted pop-culture references. Even the characters Brandon creates usually are a heavy homage to classic characters and stories he's been affected by. Because of his popular subject matter you might think the originality would be hard to see, but Brandon's style is so uniquely his own that there's no way  to miss it. Once you have seen just one piece of the  Bracamonster's artwork you can always tell a Bracamonster piece. And if you are cool enough to get the reference, all the better. 



-Jesso, the snuggle lover. 

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